Vault Strategies

As a part of the core component of the Ender Protocol and the Liquid Staking Power LST liquidity provision mechanism, staked END tokens are able to be used as utility tokens for allocating the protocol LSTs deposited through the bonds.

This means that users staking END can now use their tokens to direct or allocate the LST liquidity into various Vaults or Strategies, with Ender Protocol acting as a universal LST strategy manager.

LST Strategy Manager

Through Ender Protocol, we will integrate various vaults and strategies of other liquid staking protocols as a part of our strategy management system. This can be considered as part of our ecosystem integration. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the potential and currently active (integrated) protocols/strategies:

  • EigenLayer (restaking)

  • InstaDapp Lite (vault/leveraged yield)

  • Sommelier (vault/leveraged yield)

  • Prisma Finance (LST-backed stablecoin)

  • Lybra Finance (LST-backed stablecoin)

  • and more

These are just some of the possible integrations we will introduce or have already integrated into Ender Protocol. This means Ender Protocol is a fully decentralized LRT and LST DeFi protocol that allows for seamless control and liquid staking into all of the potential protocol and strategies available.

Strategy Integration

As a part of the decentralized protocol process, we aim to develop a fully decentralized infrastructure for liquid staking through our treasury management system architecture, so that users may partake in the process of integration with strategies and vaults of various protocols and strategies. As a part of an ongoing process through the governance system of EnderDAO, users will be able to make proposals and vote for the integration and priority of integration of strategies, as well as risk assessment and analysis reviews.

Staking END

Users will be able to staked END tokens to allocate their LSP (liquid staking power) and meta-LST into any of these protocols and strategies to get additional yield, in which is then used as part of the rebasing calculation for the rebasing reward of staking END; this is the floating yield rate which is rewarded via the staking reward of END.

Strategy Yield

All additional yields earned through the strategies from the bond deposits are counted as part of the bond deposit returns, which are then used to calculate the rebasing reward. These additional yields act as the additional floating yield rate in which the protocol gets as part of its functional usage for staking END, which will benefit from these additional rewards on top of the base bond deposit fixed-rate yields which they earn in END. This means, as part of the yield splitting process, the concentrated yield will be largely based on these yields.

Additional Rewards

As part of these strategies, undoubtedly there will be the opportunity through some of these other protocols to earn further rewards in their protocol token, which becomes part of our treasury backing the END tokens. These rewards are considered as additional rewards part of the overall strategy yields.

Through the governance process, the EnderDAO may choose what to do with these rewards. All additional rewards that are converted to more LSTs further backing END will be calculated as part of the rebase reward and given to the staking END rewards.

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