Tips for Success

Tips for Success in the Ender Protocol Zealy Campaign

  1. Start with Social Quests: Complete the initial social quests to connect with all of Ender Protocol's platforms. This will keep you informed and ready for new opportunities.

  2. Be Consistent: Many quests are recurring (daily or weekly). Make a habit of checking in regularly to maximize your point accumulation.

  3. Diversify Your Participation: Engage in various types of quests across different categories. This not only earns you more points but also gives you a well-rounded understanding of the Ender Protocol ecosystem.

  4. Quality Over Quantity: For content creation quests, focus on producing high-quality, thoughtful contributions. These are more likely to be approved and may even get featured by the Ender Protocol team.

  5. Stay Informed: Regularly read updates on the official Ender Protocol channels. Understanding the protocol will help you in completing quests and participating in discussions.

  6. Engage Genuinely: Don't just complete quests for points. Engage in real conversations, ask questions, and share your thoughts. Building genuine connections can lead to long-term benefits.

  7. Be Patient with Advanced Quests: Some quests, especially those involving the mainnet application, may require more time or resources. Plan accordingly and don't rush into them if you're not ready.

  8. Help Others: If you see community members with questions, help them out. This builds a stronger community and often comes with its own rewards.

  9. Keep Track of Deadlines: Pay attention to quest deadlines and the overall campaign end date. Don't miss out on points because you were late!

  10. Provide Feedback: If you have suggestions or encounter issues, let the Ender Protocol team know. They value community input for improving both the campaign and the protocol.

  11. Stay Ethical: Always follow the campaign rules and community guidelines. Attempting to game the system can result in disqualification.

  12. Have Fun: Remember, this campaign is not just about rewards, but also about being part of an exciting new project in the DeFi space. Enjoy the learning experience!

Remember, success in the Zealy Campaign isn't just about winning prizes. It's about becoming an active, knowledgeable member of the Ender Protocol community. Every quest you complete is a step towards understanding and contributing to the future of liquid staking and DeFi.

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