Ender Zealy Campaign

Ender Protocol Mainnet Launch Zealy Campaign

Join us in celebrating the mainnet launch of Ender Protocol with an exciting Zealy Campaign! This special event kicks off on July 1, 2024 at 7 PM UTC, and runs until September 30, 2024 at 7 PM UTC. Dive into three months of activities and stand a chance to win fabulous prizes through our mixed model of direct competition and raffle!

How to Participate

  1. Visit our Zealy Campaign Page and register to participate.

  2. Complete various activities listed on our quest board.

  3. Accumulate points, where each point you earn translates into one raffle ticket.


Grand Prizes

  • 1st Place: $1,500 in USDC and 133,333 ENDR tokens

  • 2nd Place: $500 in USDC and 66,669 ENDR tokens

  • 3rd Place: $300 in USDC and 40,000 ENDR tokens

Raffle Prizes

  • Seven Winners: $100 in USDC and 13,333 ENDR tokens each, chosen at random from participants in the Top 100 on the leaderboard. Grand Prize winners will be excluded from the raffle.

In-Game Rewards

Top 20 participants will receive the Endworld Founder's Pack, in the upcoming Endworld Metaverse Open world RPG, which includes:

  • Ender Crystals: An Endgame Tier Legendary Crafting Material

  • Ender Cores: An Endgame Tier Legendary Powerup Item

  • Ender Dragon Pet: An Endgame Tier Legendary Pet

  • Ender Dragon Mount: An Endgame Tier Legendary Mount

  • Additional Goodies and Swag to be announced later

Leaderboard Rewards

Climb to the top of the Zealy Quest leaderboard and earn an exclusive role in the Ender Protocol Discord server:

  • Top 10: 'Ender OG' role

  • Top 50: 'Endermorph' role

  • Top 100: 'Enderkin' role

Ender Points Leaderboard Rewards

Participants can climb to the top of the Ender Points Leaderboard on the Ender Protocol Mainnet dApp and claim exclusive roles in the Ender Protocol Discord server based on their rankings:

  • 1st Place: 'Ξℵδ δℵΞ 🐲' role

  • Top 10: 'Ξℵδ Legion' role

These positions are rewarded based on the accumulation of Ender Points (also known as 'Ender Cores'), which are earned through various activities within the Ender Protocol.

This system is designed not only to reward engagement within the protocol but also to prepare participants for significant roles in governance through the upcoming token distribution.

For a detailed explanation of how Ender Points are accumulated and how they contribute to your leaderboard ranking, you can read the Ender Points System page.


  • Participants must be at least 18 years old at the time of entry.

  • Participation must be through a genuine, personally-owned account. The use of multiple accounts or automated systems is strictly prohibited and will result in disqualification.

  • Participants may be required to provide valid government-issued identification for age and identity verification.

  • Eligibility is void where prohibited by law. It is the responsibility of participants to ensure their participation complies with local, state, and national laws and regulations.

  • Participants must comply with all campaign rules and guidelines as outlined in the full Terms and Conditions.

For full details on eligibility and participation requirements, please refer to the complete Terms and Conditions.

Prize Distribution and Winner Selection

Winner Selection Process

  • Grand Prize Winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place):

    • Will be determined based on their final ranking on the Zealy Campaign leaderboard.

    • Leaderboard rankings will be finalized within 72 hours after the campaign end date.

    • Winners will be notified via email within five (5) business days of the leaderboard finalization.

    • Grand Prize winners must claim their prize within fourteen (14) days of notification.

  • Raffle Winners:

    • Seven winners will be chosen at random from participants ranking in the Top 100 on the leaderboard (excluding Grand Prize winners).

    • The raffle draw will occur within one week following the end of the campaign.

    • Raffle Winners will be notified via email within five (5) business days of the draw.

    • Raffle Winners must claim their prize within fourteen (14) days of notification.

Prize Distribution Timeline

  • USDC prizes will be credited to winners' accounts within three months after the campaign ends.

  • ENDR tokens will be awarded within one month following our Token Generation Event (TGE). TGE date to be announced.

Important Notes:

  • Winners may be required to complete a verification process, which may include providing identification or completing know-your-customer (KYC) procedures.

  • If a winner fails to claim their prize or complete the verification process within the specified timeframe, Ender Labs reserves the right to select an alternative winner.

  • All participants are encouraged to ensure their contact information is up-to-date to avoid missing any notifications.

Campaign Qualification Threshold

To ensure the success and viability of this campaign, we've established an important qualification threshold:

  • Participants must collectively contribute at least $150,000 in deposits to the bonds on the Ender Protocol mainnet application during the campaign period (July 1, 2024 to September 30, 2024).

  • We believe this achievement is more than reasonable over the three-month campaign period, given the enthusiasm and engagement of our community.

  • This collective contribution will be tracked based on on-chain deposits into the Ender Bonds via the EnderBond smart contract.

  • The total value will be calculated in ETH and converted to USD based on the globally indexed market price of ETH on major exchanges.

  • Initial value will be recorded at the campaign start, with the final value determined at the campaign's end.

Important Note: If this deposit threshold is not met, the campaign may be considered void, and no rewards will be distributed. We encourage all participants to actively engage with the Ender Protocol to help reach this goal collectively.

Additional Notes

Please note that the distribution of ENDR tokens to participants is contingent upon the successful execution of our Token Generation Event (TGE). We will provide updates regarding the TGE as they become available, ensuring all participants are informed of the key milestones.

Previous Zealy Campaign Expansion

We're excited to announce the continuation and significant expansion and revitalization of our Ender Protocol community campaign. This next phase represents a comprehensive enhancement of our engagement strategy and reward structure, fully aligned with our updated tokenomics and protocol capabilities.

Key Points:

  1. This campaign is a direct continuation and expansion of our previous initiative, now entering Phase 2.

  2. We've completely redesigned the reward structure to better reflect meaningful participation and our current protocol capabilities.

  3. Participants from the initial phase will find opportunities for bonus points in the Miscellaneous module, allowing them to build on their previous engagement.

  4. Active early supporters will receive the Discord roles 'Endermorph' and 'Ender OG' as an acknowledgment of their initial participation.

  5. All rewards are yet to be earned and will be distributed based on participation in this expanded campaign structure.

This expanded campaign marks a new chapter in our community's growth, with carefully designed quests and a reward structure that truly reflects the value of meaningful participation. We encourage all community members, both new and those who engaged in the initial phase, to fully participate in this comprehensive campaign.

By participating in the contest, you signify your agreement to the Terms and Conditions.

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