Ender Points System

This is the current Rewards System in order to earn Ender Points for the future governance token airdrop of ENDR.

There are 5 different main factors which earn you Ender Points:

  1. Staking END tokens

  2. Bonding (which includes depositing into the BLP event)

  3. Setting a Bond Fee

  4. LP ETH with END and endETH

  5. Holding endETH

Each of these will earn you points based on the following calculations:

  • By staking END tokens, you will earn 1 pt per epoch per token staked, multiplied by the Weighted Average Boost you have currently by holding bonds with an Active Boost.

  • By bonding, you will earn points immediately by bonding, 100 pts per .1 ETH worth bonded.

  • For each epoch you hold the bond (or deposited into the BLP), you will gain an additional 10 pts for every .1 ETH bonded. For example, if you bond 1 ETH, you will immediately earn 1,000 pts. And for every epoch you hold that bond, you will earn an additional 100 pts.

  • By LPing your ETH with endETH or END, you will earn 50 pts for every .1 ETH worth of LP added, multiplied by the WAB through bonds with an Active Boost.

  • By holding endETH you will earn 10 points per endETH per hour.

  • Each epoch is 24 hours.

Active Boost

In addition to earning points from the activities above, you can also get an active boost on your points by setting the following bond values:

  • Bond Period

  • Bond Fee

Weighted Average Boost (WAB)

By getting a boost from these settings, you will get an active boost per bond, but those boosts will then be averaged based on the weight to the deposit to each bond you deposited into and the values you set. This weighted average will then be applied to the other reward activities such as staking.

This boost is tied to each particular bond NFT, and whoever holds the bond NFT will have the active boost.

The following is the formula for calculating the Weighted Average Boost:

Weighted Average Boost=(Individual Bond Value×Individual Boost)Individual Bond Value\text{Weighted Average Boost} = \frac{\sum (\text{Individual Bond Value} \times \text{Individual Boost})}{\sum \text{Individual Bond Value}}

Setting a Bond Period

By setting a bond period, you will have an additional active boost on your points earned. For each day you set above the minimum bond period of 7 days, you will get an additional 1% boost for that bond.

So if you set a maximum period of 365 days, you will get an active boost of 358%, or 4.58x

For the previous example, if you set the bond period to 365 days (max), you will earn 1000 * 4.58 = 4,580 points plus an additional 458 points per epoch.

Setting a Bond Fee

By setting a Bond Fee to your bond deposit, which is a completely optional fee you can set (you can read more about in the Bond Fees), you will get a bonus multiplier to the amount of points you earn.

For every 1% bond fee set, you will also get an active boost of 10% to your points earned for that particular bond.

In the initial example, by setting a bond fee of 20%, you will get a 200% bonus (3x) to your points rewarded. That equals 3,000 pts for the bond of 1 ETH, and 300 pts for every epoch you hold the bond.

In total, if you set both a Bond Period and Bond Fee in the examples above, you will earn 1,000 + 3,580 + 2,000 pts = 6,580 pts total, and 658 pts per epoch for depositing 1 ETH into the bond.

Bond NFT Trading Fees

Finally, you can also earn points by trading bonds. The more you trade, the more points you earn.

  • For every bond traded, you will earn an additional 10 pts per .01 ETH in trading fees.

For example, for every trade of a bond with 1 ETH, if there is a 1% fee you will earn 10 pts for each trade which equals .01 ETH of fees paid. You won't earn points if you don't pay the creator fee. On the otherhand, you can also set the creator fee to be any value and earn more points based on the fees paid.

The buyer and the seller both get points for each trade.

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