Incentivized Testnet

"Ethereal" Testnet

Earn eligibility for the airdrop claim by participating in the testnet.

Sepolia ETH faucet: link

Useful Actions

  1. Collect stETH from Faucet

  2. Deposit Bond

  3. Collect Bond Reward

  4. Stake END

  5. Redeem Bond with endETH

  6. LP endETH with stETH and END

  7. Swap END token

  8. Trade Bond NFT

Each address will be rewarded an airdrop claim for each action done once per day.

Certain actions can be rewarded multiple times per day:

  • Swap END

  • Trade Bond NFT

We will be tracking the user activities and basing the airdrop reward on the useful actions per day and the total value locked by each user/wallet by the END of the testnet.

Once an address has participated in the testnet, they will be able to connect to the mainnet dApp through Early Access to claim their airdrop.

Ender WL / Genesis "End Eclipse" NFT

Holding an Ender WL NFT or the Genesis "End Eclipse" NFT will give users a boosted claim from the faucet by 2x for each NFT collection.

Link to the Official Ender Zora NFT profile:

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