Ender Protocol

What is Ender Protocol

A liquid staking protocol using LST-bonds to enable concentrated yield tokens and liquid staking power. Powering the metaverse with the Metaverse Bond.
Ender Protocol is a new DeFi primitive focused on realizing the full potential of Ethereum liquid staking tokens (LSTs) through a new form of LST.
Through a novel bond-based “yield compression” and yield-splitting mechanism, Ender Protocol enables users to capture liquid staking yield into a token, END, backed by the staking rewards from the bond deposits, in order to allow for concentrated yields in liquid staking rewards.
The bondholders are able to sell their yield in a concentrated yield token providing liquidity to a whole new type of LST called a Metamorphic LST.

What does this mean?

This means that we have introduced a whole new way of transferring value through a decentralized financial protocol for the underlying staking yield of Ethereum’s staking rewards, in such a way that enables new financial primitives to be built on top.
Here are some of the potential products which can be integrated to create additional feedback loops and flywheel effects through fee generation of LSP:
  • A metaverse bond, creating realms in the metaverse powered by the blockchain production value propagated into the metaverse economy.
  • A meta-LST backed stablecoin, which has a concentrated yield allowing for an even greater interest-paying stablecoin than regular LST-backed stablecoins.
  • A LST liquidity protocol and aggregator, using staked LSP tokens to direct the staking power seamlessly to any LST or LST strategies.
  • A universal DVT staking protocol, which can also become a builder to earn MEV searcher fees.
  • A lending and borrowing platform, for LST-bond NFTs.
  • A bond liquidity pool, for LST-bond liquidity buying discounted bonds held to maturity for guaranteed returns.

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