Ender Protocol

Season 1

For Season 1's airdrop distribution, the following are the criteria for eligibility (not final):

ENDR Airdrop

  • Solo ETH Stakers
  • LST holders (stETH, rETH, cbETH, frxETH, mETH)
    • Uniswap LPers with ETH and LST pools
    • Curve LPers as well
    • ETH and LST depositors to certain platforms like Aave
    • Rocketpool Node Operators
From earning points:
  • ETH deposit into BLP or Ender Bond
  • END Stakers
  • Trade Bond NFT
  • LP endETH (with END, ETH, stETH)

Other criteria:

  • WL NFT holder (applied bonus based on earned eligible airdrop above, ONLY if holding at time of claim)
  • Restaker (EigenLayer)
  • Including DVT node operators (from SSV Network and Obol)
  • Worldcoin & WorldID (Partnership)
    • Worldcoin airdrop recipients
  • NFT collection (BadKids?)

Outside of contract claim:

  • Community Rewards (Quests, Bounties, Contests, Raffles, etc)
  • Ambassadors (based on performance metrics)

Claim and distribution method:

All claimants will have a chance to claim their airdrop if they are eligible. They MUST make a claim within the claim window. Your claim will be pending calculation of the actual token amount distributed AFTER the claim window has closed. This allows for maximum fairness and a distribution overall based on total claims made.
A withdrawal function to the Bond Deposit (BLP) contract will be added after the 3-month lock-up and the airdrop claim is live.
Users can optionally withdrawal from the deposit contract if the bond contract is not ready by then.
By withdrawing you will incur a penalty by losing 50% of your points earned at the time of withdrawal.
Users that make a deposit in addition to being eligible for a claim, will get a bonus multiplier to their claim (in addition to earning points). But only if they keep their deposit until after the claim period is over.
By making a minimum deposit of .1 ETH you will get up to a 1.5x multiplier to the rest of your claim. For every additional .1 ETH deposited, the multiplier will increase by up to 0.1x.