Season 1

For Season 1's airdrop distribution, the following are the criteria for eligibility (not final):

ENDR Airdrop

  • Solo ETH Stakers

  • LST holders (stETH, rETH, cbETH, frxETH, mETH)

    • Uniswap LPers with ETH and LST pools

    • Curve LPers as well

    • ETH and LST depositors to certain platforms like Aave

    • Rocketpool Node Operators

From earning points:

  • ETH deposit into BLP or Ender Bond

  • END Stakers

  • Trade Bond NFT

  • LP endETH (with END, ETH, stETH)

Other criteria:

  • WL NFT holder (applied bonus based on earned eligible airdrop above, ONLY if holding at time of claim)

  • Restaker (EigenLayer)

  • Including DVT node operators (from SSV Network and Obol)

  • Worldcoin & WorldID (Partnership)

    • Worldcoin airdrop recipients

  • NFT collection (BadKids?)

Outside of contract claim:

  • Community Rewards (Quests, Bounties, Contests, Raffles, etc)

  • Ambassadors (based on performance metrics)

Incentivized Testnet

Users have a chance to participate in the ongoing incentivized testnet. By taking part, you will be eligible to claim. Each of the following activities will give you an additional claim:

  • Make a deposit into a bond

  • Stake END

  • Redeem a bond

  • Trade END

  • Trade bond NFTs

  • LP ETH/endETH

  • LP END/endETH


Bond Liquidity Pool (BLP)

Those who deposited during the BLP event will receive an additional 5x multiplier to their claim upon the distribution.

Community Rewards Program

We are in the process of reworking and revitalizing our community rewards program to better reward community members for contributing and engaging with the community and fostering genuine, collaborative and positive growth.

Content creators, ambassadors, educators and analysts are encouraged to participate in building on the ecosystem we will be forming around the community base.

Inactivity Slashing Penalty Dis-Incentive

In order to maintain the integrity of our community and foster genuine engagement, we have retroactively introduced an inactivity penalty for participants who remained inactive following the conclusion of our early community rewards program and campaign. Members who failed to actively participate in the community have had their rewards and points voided and nullified. This measure is designed to ensure that only dedicated, consistently active members may benefit from our programs, regardless of incentives.

By implementing this policy, we aim to:

  1. Discourage fake engagement and non-participation

  2. Encourage consistent, genuine involvement in the community

  3. Reward members who actively contributed to the growth and vibrancy of our community

  4. Maintain a fair and transparent rewards system

We value the commitment and enthusiasm of our active members and believe this policy will contributed to a healthier, more engaged community in the long run.

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