Bond Liquidity Provision (BLP) Event

The initial launch will consist of a Bond Liquidity Provision Event with a deposit contract where users are able to deposit their ETH or stETH while setting the bond period and fee for a duration before the bond and staking contracts are open to access.

This is to allow for a buildup of deposits which can all be seamlessly released into the bond contract all at once once they have been fully audited. This also ensures that users will have a fair chance to deposit into the bonds to maximize the rewards from the bonds in order to facilitate the maximum value from staking END based on the economic design.

By making a deposit, it will be held for up to 3 months. After the deposit period the deposit will be released to the bond contract and you will get your bond(s) with the bond period(s) you set. The staking rewards you earned during the deposit period will be deposited into the bond.

During this period, users will be eligible to earn boosted points through the Ender Points System.

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