Governance Model

Here is a diagram illustrating the structure of the governance system of Ender Protocol:

Locking ENDR

The Ender Protocol is governed fully through the EnderDAO, a fully-decentralized autonomous organization. By participating in the governance process, you are directly contributing to the ownership model of Ender Protocol via the governance token ENDR. In order to participating the governance process, users must lock up ENDR to gain voting power which will be used in all the various governance functions and activities.

Treasury-backed Strategy Vaults

With our governance model, we are fully built to capture the potential of multiple other strategies and vaults through other protocols as a LST liquidity provider and Strategy Manager. We can seamlessly allocate the deposit assets from the bonds as well as the treasury backing from the LST yields through our meta-LST into any protocol integration. With additional rewards being controlled by the governance system. Through this model, we are truly a universal LST liquidity provision protocol and LSP provider.

Emissions Voting

As a part of the active governance system, voting for the emissions of further ENDR can be done through the emissions voting system through locked ENDR. Users may lock ENDR tokens in order to vote for the emissions rewards which incentivizes the various functions of Ender Protocol, including the directing of the LSP through staked END. By voting for the emissions of the various vaults, strategies and pools, users are directly influencing where users will direct the LST liquidity of Ender Protocol through staked END.

Boosted Voting Power

As one of the features of the voting mechanism, we introduce a boost to voting weight via the duration of locking ENDR. Furthermore, by setting a bond fee or holding a bond with a bond fee, you will also get an additional boost to your voting power.

Boosted Emissions Rewards

Users with lock weight are eligible to receive boosted ENDR emissions. "Boost" refers to a bonus on claimable ENDR tokens that a vault receives based on it's locked ENDR weight. A user with "max boost" earns ENDR rewards at 2x the rate of a vault that is unboosted.

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