Metaverse Bond

One of the core pillars of the Ender Protocol is the introduction of a whole new crypto native paradigm through the integration of a metaverse game world platform as an application layer built on top of the liquid staking protocol.

Metaverse Reserve Currency

With the Ender Bond, you are not only minting an NFT which represents your deposit in Ender Protocol which provides you with the various aspects of the protocol detailed prior, but it gives a whole new way of creating ownership and value propagated into the metaverse economy.

With the bond acting as the base issuance of the END token as the metaverse-native currency, we can build a sovereign metaverse economic system backed directly by the liquid staking rewards of the blockchain network: Ethereum.

Realm Portals

Realm Portals are the gateway to the metaverse world of Endworld, an open world RPG, accessed through the Ender Realm Portals. These portals are minted via the Ender Bond NFTs which you are minted when deposited into Ender Protocol.

Throughout the bond's maturity, the bond will automatically be upgraded to the next tier based on the maturity of the bond. The tiers of the bond are as follows:

Upon the bond's maturity and redemption, you are left with the bond NFT which are kept in your wallet, providing further utility in the minting of Realm Portals. By committing assets to the protocol and issuance of END tokens, you are also partaking in a novel minting process of metaverse realms which scales through time, via a time-locked minting process.

The portals which enter the Endworld are vast and infinite, they are generative NFT of realms akin to land deeds, which is part of an open world that creates many different gameplay loops and game mechanics seamlessly integrated together creating a dynamic metaverse platform.

Remember: Bond NFTs which you receive and redeem upon maturity have more utility even after they have been redeemed. Don't discard them and you will be able to use them on the official pre-mint of the Endworld Realm Portal Mint event at a future date.

Minting Realm Portals

In order to mint a realm portal with an Ender Bond, you must first redeem it. Once redeemed, you can mint a realm portal, which burns the bond NFT.

Mint Fee

You may pay an optional mint fee, in END, up to 10% of the principal value of the bond deposit which gives you a 10% chance, at the lowest tier, to receive a portal which is one tier higher than what you would have received. For every tier higher, the % chance is cut in half.

If you have a max tier bond, you have a .625% chance of receiving a tier above the max (T6) by paying the max mint fee.


Like with any generative NFTs, the backbone of the metaverse ecosystem is based on the rarity and tiers of the realms as NFTs. Essentially, each realm is like a game server in which hosts a game world with randomized attributes, spawns, resources, and built-in game modes.


The base determining factor of the rarity of the realms are the tiers of the Realm Portals, which are based upon the actual time-locking minting process through the bonds themselves, or the maturity period which you set.

The longer the maturity period, the greater the tier of the realm you will mint.

With higher tier realms, you will have a chance of minting more rare attributes, some of which cannot be rolled to lower tiers.


In addition to the rarity of the realms being based on the tiers, there is also the factor of the size of the realm, which can vary in size. This is based on the actual deposit value of the bonds, meaning the more deposit asset value you commit, the greater the size of the realm will be.

This means that you can mint potentially a highly rare tier realm with a long-term maturity of bonds, but the size of the realm would be further dependent on the value (amount) of the deposited assets.

These are just the most basic concepts of the metaverse bond and integration. More details will be provided in the full game website and documentation of Endworld.

You can visit the website and stay up-to-date on the game development and gameplay at

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