Ender Protocol


An Open-world Metaverse RPG Platform with Generative AI Integration

Metaverse Platform

Pre-production teaser trailer

Realm Portals

Concept art of the realm portals minted via the metaverse bond NFTs

Game Modes

More soon.


More soon.

Combat System

More soon.

Building System

More soon.

Generative Realities

More soon.

Endworld AI

With the metaverse, we are very keen on the revolutionary potential of the age of GenAI with LLMs. We know more than most do in terms of what the potential integrations with AI will be in gaming and the metaverse.
We are actively conducting research and development on AI with regards to autonomous embodied agents as avatars and NPCs in the metaverse.
Not just dialogue and NLP, but full-blown AI architecture frameworks that enable AIs through LLMs that can multi-task and respond in real-time interaction like real life players, indistinguishable from humans. Fully generative. Meaning we can spawn infinitely diverse characters that can behave and live within the metaverse reality like a human living in a simulation.
More will be unveiled soon.